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Guapo the Capybara Plush

Guapo the Capybara Plush

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Capybara Plush

Guapo is officially being shipped to us! We will give you updates as to where he is to all that have ordered the plush. 


About Guapo the Capybara Plush

Guapo the Capybara is the agony aunt in the group however he is actually the heist master. Regardless of his stoic posture, Guapo is handsomely a genius. With the ability to plan out full heists, hack into any system and create the most flawless execution for Munch's bad behaviour, Guapo is not one to mess with. 

Plus he's a very good problem solver so helps Axi get through their trauma of being an accomplice to Munch.

Additional Info:

Soft brown fabric

embroidered features

Size approx 30x25x18cm 

hidden zipper for adjustable stiffness


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