UK Modern Slavery Act

Statement regarding the UK Modern Slavery Act

ChibiGreen. (the "Company") hereby publishes this slavery and human trafficking statement (this "Statement") made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 enacted in the UK and covering our commitment and implementation during the period from 1 April 2023 (this "Fiscal Year").

  1. Organisation Structure, Business and Supply Chains
    ChibiGreen, which consists of the Company has operated (i) a social communication and gift business that, among other activities, sells Munch the Frog and other character-related products and licenses the merchandising right of such characters.
    The products that use the Company's character designs consist of the products sold by the Company and the products sold by licensees (the "Licensees"), which obtain licenses for the use of character designs from the ChibiGreen Company. Regarding the Company's supply chain, since the Company does not own its own manufacturing plant facilities, the products sold by the Company are supplied to the Company by manufacturing partners (ie., manufacturers) (the "Manufacturers") on an OEM basis and the products sold by the Licensees are manufactured and sold by the Licensees based on licenses for the use of character designs by the Company.

    2. Policy related to Slavery and Human Trafficking
    The Company is committed to maintaining and expanding upon its policies and procedures to prevent any and all slavery and human trafficking in its supply chains.
    Since its establishment, the Company has utilized characters such as Munch the Frog to build a social communication business founded on the basic philosophy that social communication is vital for people of the world to coexist in harmony.
    ChibiGreen expressly states that the Company should respect human rights in its business operations. ChibiGreen has conducted self-inspection compliance checks for its executives and employees on an annual basis and has endeavoured to familiarise them with the above core philosophy and principles.
    We, through our social communication business that utilizes Munch the Frog and other characters, are committed to building a society where the importance of social communication is recognised and people can live safely and in harmony.
    2. Principles
    In order to help create a safe and harmonious society where social communication is cherished, Sanrio shall conduct operations based on the below general principles. (1) We will not steal from others.
    (1) Corporate assets (including intangible assets) that form the basis of any business, shall be correctly and properly used and protected.
    (ii) We shall protect all personal information, third-party intellectual property rights, confidential information relating to business, etc., in a reasonable and appropriate manner, and shall not engage in the misuse or leaking of such information.
    (2) We will not engage in violent activities (against people, nature, or the environment, neither physically nor psychologically).
    (i) We will provide products and services that take safety, quality, and the environment into
    (ii) ChibiGreen places value on the basic human right of equality among people, and ChibiGreen will not discriminate against anyone or place any individual at a disadvantage for any reason including the social or employment status, age, gender, place of birth, ancestry, nationality, race, the existence of a disability, religion, ideology or marital status.
    (iii) A firm and uncompromising stance will be taken towards antisocial forces.

(3) We will not lie.
(1) ChibiGreen will share its corporate information in a fair and reasonable manner, further
improving operational transparency as it interacts with society on a broad scale.
(ii) ChibiGreen will provide appropriate and honest information to consumers and customers regarding its products and services.
(4) We will abide by the law.
(i) ChibiGreen will undertake corporate activities in a fair and reasonable manner, adhering to international and domestic law as well as societal rules and provisions.
(5) Employees will help each other and foster friendly relationships.
(1) Based on the general concept that people are the core of business, ChibiGreen strives to create a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment where people can work with peace of mind.
3. Due Diligence, Risk Appraisal and Management, and Effectiveness of Procedures related to Slavery and Human Trafficking
The Company, in order to avoid slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain, requires Manufacturers and the Licensees agree to contractual obligations to respect human rights. Contracts include provisions requiring counterparties to prohibit child labour, forced labour and discrimination, and to ensure safe, appropriate labour conditions.

We encourage the Manufacturers to understand the importance of social communication and want to enable them to put that belief into practice.

  1. Employee Training related to Slavery and Human Trafficking
    In February 2022, the Company conducted efforts to heighten understanding and awareness among senior staff about requirements related to slavery and human trafficking.


This Statement was Approved by the Companies Partnership Board held on April 25th 2023


Managing Director