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Hench Frog Sticker

Hench Frog Sticker

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♡ Sticker quality now improved! Will be updating current 'real' images soon

♡ This hench frog sticker sticker is an fun way to decorate bottles, diaries, laptops, and much more!

♡ THESE ARE NOT 100% WATERPROOF! they will resist limited amounts of water, however I do not claim them to be waterproof. Do not submerge in water for a long period of time. They have resisted slight water sprays from bottles etc.

♡ Hand Cut

♡ This is my original design

Materials and Sizes

♡ Glossy vinyl peel-able Sticker

♡ 6x7cm approx in size


♡ Stickers are packaged in a non bendable envelope A layer of tissue paper will also consume the whole order

♡ We are working as a brand to try and reduce plastic waste wherever possible.

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