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Do you accept commissions?  

Yes we are! Each price will vary depending on detail and time but often goes between £20-£30. 

Can I use your art for tattoos?  

We have a tattoo ticket on our page for you guys to use any of our drawings we've created. Please check out the description of the ticket for additional details. 

Why don't you make these into NFTs?  

Always a strange but frequently asked question, we have been thinking about making them into NFTs but we like to keep our work accessible for everyone without it going into silly money for only one person to have the design :)  

Can you send me a promotional package?  

We don't give out promo packages to people unless we DM them due to them being suited for our brand. We are currently in the process of giving people discount links to share to their followers and for you to earn a certain percentage of sales from that discount code. (Affiliated Marketing) Please contact us at orders@chibigreen.com for more information. 

Are you going to make a YouTube channel?  

Due to a tight schedule between both of us, we are currently unable to make a high-quality YouTube channel. We would only want to produce the highest of content so currently we're not pursuing a YouTube channel. 

How come you have an Etsy and a separate shop?  

We have kept our Etsy open for our 'Best Sellers' to stay on (2-5 products). Due to Etsy putting their prices up on April 11th 2022, we have changed our products to be here so we pay a monthly fee rather than a commission fee which works better for us. This means that prices stay lower, more items on here and no competition for 'Star Seller' which puts a lot of pressure/anxieties on for everyone on Etsy.