Our Story

Our Story

Hello our names are Maddie and Will and this is the story of how ChibiGreen has come to where it has today.

It all starting to bloom in the year 2020. Maddie was starting university in London studying Architecture in the University of Westminster. When she had some downtime she would spend that time doodling little creatures that came to her and one of the repeated designs was little frogs. Regularly she would show these designs to Will and he said to her 'you should make those into little stickers' and so she did; starting on Etsy she built a small community who loved the frogs also and managed to raise enough funds to help buy materials for her university course. 

As the university year was coming to an end, Maddie realised that university wasn't quite for her. She loved the people she met as well as the experience she gained using a variety of software and public speaking. But the thought of doing a second year was not a thrilling thought. 

After a long conversation with her partner, family and friends, Will told Maddie it might be better to look into apprenticeships. Although the family did not approve so much to begin with Maddie found an apprenticeship in Eastbourne focusing on digital marketing. 

For the 18 months working within the apprenticeship Maddie was working more on ChibiGreen to help expand on the merch and now earning a bit more money on the side it all went into the business expansion. Whilst working and studying digital marketing: She learnt so much and it greatly helped and improved on her social media presence and overall sales on her website throughout the apprenticeship period. 

Once she completed her course in January 2023, she finished her apprenticeship and was extremely grateful and sad for leaving an incredible team who were fully supportive of her choice at the time. Maddie and Will now work on ChibiGreen full time and are excited to see what the future of ChibiGreen has to offer.

From this whole journey the little frog doodles have become a huge franchise loved by many and sold across the world. The best part of this story is you! We have loved seeing all your pictures, drawings, support and even tattoos on our social medias.

They give us huge moral boost and keep us motivated to create new fun exciting ideas for the future for you guys!




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